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 The 2006 Asian Bio-Hydrogen Symposium in Taiwan

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1. (Oral-A01) Mi-Sun Kim, Eun-Hye Choi and You-Kwan Oh  Characterization of Soluble Hydrogenase from Purple Sulfur Bacterium Thiocapsa roseopersicina and its Prolonged In Vitro Hydrogen Evolution

2. (Oral-A02) Sébastien Dementin, Valérie Belle, Stéphanie Champ, Patrick Bertrand, Bruno Guigliarelli , Antonio L. De Lacey, Victor M. Fernandez, Christophe Léger and Marc Rousset Towards a Molecular Switch for Hydrogen Production

3. (Oral-A03) Pei-Chung Chen, Shin-Huei Fan, Char-Lin Chiang and Chi-Mei Lee Effect of Growth Conditions on the Hydrogen Production with Cyanobacteria Anabaena sp. CH3

4. (Oral-A04) Defeng Xing, Nanqi Ren, Aijie Wang, Yujie Feng, Fang Ma Continuous Hydrogen Production of Auto-Aggregative Ethanoligenens Harbinense YUAN-3

5. Oral-A05 Seohyoung Kim, Eunhee Seol, S. Mohan Raj and Sunghoon Park

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