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 The 2006 Asian Bio-Hydrogen Symposium in Taiwan

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Characterization of Soluble Hydrogenase from Purple Sulfur Bacterium Thiocapsa roseopersicina and its Prolonged In Vitro Hydrogen Evolution
Mi-Sun Kim, Eun-Hye Choi and You-Kwan Oh
Towards a Molecular Switch for Hydrogen Production
Sébastien Dementin, Valérie Belle, Stéphanie Champ, Patrick Bertrand, Bruno Guigliarelli , Antonio L. De Lacey, Victor M. Fernandez, Christophe Léger and Marc Rousset
Effect of Growth Conditions on the Hydrogen Production with Cyanobacteria Anabaena sp. CH3
Pei-Chung Chen, Shin-Huei Fan, Char-Lin Chiang and Chi-Mei Lee
Continuous Hydrogen Production of Auto-Aggregative Ethanoligenens Harbinense YUAN-3
Defeng Xing, Nanqi Ren, Aijie Wang, Yujie Feng, Fang Ma
Various Hydrogenases and Formate Dependent Hydrogen Production in Citrobacter amalonaticus Y19
Seohyoung Kim, Eunhee Seol, S. Mohan Raj and Sunghoon Park
HRT-Dependent Hydrogen Production and Bacterial Community Structure of Mixed Anaerobic Microflora in Suspended, Granular and Immobilized Sludge Systems Using Glucose as the Carbon Substrate
Shu-Yii Wu, Chun-Hsiung Hung, Chiu-Yue Lin, Ping-Jei Lin, Kuo-Shing Lee, Chi-Num Lin, Fang-Yuan Chang and Jo-Shu Chang
A Bioenergy Production Study for Mixed Substrate of Sludge from WTP and Wine-Processing Wastewater from Winery
Min-Ray Lin and Chih-Hsuan Tsneg
Biohydrogen Production with Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Reactors-A Comparison of Biofilm-Based and Granule-Based Systems
Zhen-Peng Zhang, Kuan-Yeow Show, Joo-Hwa Tay, David Tee Liang and Duu-Jong Lee
Start-up Strategy for Continuous Fermentative Hydrogen Production: Early Switchover from Batch to Continuous Operation
Dong-Hoon Kim, Sang-Hyoun Kim and Hang-Sik Shin
Optimization of Hydrogen Production by Hyperthermophilic 102Eubacteria, Thermotoga Maritima and Thermotoga Neapolitana in Bat108ch Fermentation
Tam A121nh D. Nguyen, Jun Pyo Kim, Mi Sun Kim, You Kwan Oh and Sang Jun 130Sim
Development143 of Compact Stacked Flatbed Reactor with Immobilized High Density Bacteria for Hydrogen Production
Mitsuyoshi Ishikawa, Shohei Yamamura, Yuzuru Takamura, Koji Sode, Eiichi Tamiya, Masamitsu Tomiyama
Performance Evaluation for Anaerobic Hydrogen Fermentation Process Treating Kitchen Waste
Shiue-Lin Li, Shih-Chiang Kuo, Jian-Sheng Lin, Ze Kun Lee, Yu Hsuan Wang and Sheng-Shung Cheng
Recovery Potential of Hydrogen from Industrial Wastewater in
Ming-Der Bai, Chia-Jung Hsiao, Wen-Chang Lu and Hom-Ti Lee
Exploring Optimal Environmental Factors for Fermentative Hydrogen Production from Starch Using Mixed Anaerobic Microflora
Kuo-Shing Lee, Yao-Fong Shi, Yung-Chung Lo, Ping-Jei Lin, Chiu-Yue Lin and Jo-Shu Chang
Metabolic-Flux Analysis of Hydrogen Production Pathway in Citrobacter amalonaticus Y19
You-Kwan Oh, Heung-Joo Kim, Sunghoon Park, Mi-Sun Kim and Dewey D. Y. Ryu
Molecular Monitoring of Microbes in A Continuous Hydrogen-Producing System With Different HRT
Jui-Jen Chang, Jou-Hsien Wu, Kuo-Yen Hung, Fu-Shyan Wen, Chin-Lang Hsiao, Chiu-Yue Lin and Chieh-Chen Huang
Application of Clostridium-specific PCR primers on the analysis of dark fermentation hydrogen producing bacterial community
Chun-Hsiung Hung, Ching-Heng Chen, Lu-Hsiu Cheng, Chi-Ming Liang and Chiu-Yue Lin
Hydrogen Economy in Taiwan and Biohydrogen
Duu-Hwa Lee and Duu-Jong Lee
Overview of a Bio-Hydrogen Project Funded by MAFF Microbial/Biochemical Energy Conversion
Masamitsu Tomiyama, Yasuo Asada, Yutaka Mitani, Yutaka Nakashimada, Naomichi Nishio, Eiichi Tamyia, Tetsuo Hiraga and Koji Sode
Fermentative Hydrogen Production at High Sulfate Concentration
Chin-Chao Chen, Hong-Pin Chen, Jou-Hsien Wu and Chiu-Yue Lin
Optimizing Circuit Parameters of the BioHydrogen Real Time Power Generating System by Genetic Algorithm
Sy Ruen Huang, Chiu-Yue Lin, Shun Tsai Liu, Liang Chieh Lin, Chueh Cheng Wu and Shin Joe Yun
Carbon-film Modified 304 Stainless Steels as PEMFC Bipolar Plate
Chih-Yeh Chung, Po-Jen Chu, Shi-Kun Chen, Tse-Hao Ko, Sy-Ruen Hung and Chiu-Yue Lin
Pilot Study of the Influence of Stirring and pH on Anaerobes Converting High-Solid Organic Wastes to Hydrogen
Chia-Hung Chou, Cheng-Wei Wang and Jiunn-Jyi Lay

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