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In 2006, Prof. Jun Miyake (Chairman of Annex 21, IEA-HIA), Prof. Chiu-Yue Lin (Feng Chia University, Taiwan), and Dr. Mi-Sun Kim (Director, Korea Institute of Energy Research, Korea) met in Lyon, France and initiate the idea to establish an association, Asia Bio-HyLinks to enhance the multilateral understanding of the bio-hydrogen researches among the Asian countries. 
The objective of the ABHL is to develop a blue-print for hydrogen production by the biomass or bio-processes, which includes dark fermentation, photo-fermentation, gas upgrading, system integration, and the related subjects as well as the logistic, societal integration, and education were addressed.
The first steering meeting was hosted by Research Center for Energy and Resources at Feng Chia University (RCER), Taiwan on November 18, 2006 and the official name of the association were determined and temporary office will be located RCER.
The Second steering meeting was hosted by Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering (IESE), Singapore on April 25, 2007. The official logo of the association was determined. The permanent office and Secretariant was determined as well. The permanent office of the associated is located at the Research Center for Energy and Resources, Feng Chia University, Taichung, Taiwan and Prof. Alex C.-C. Chang, Director of RCER-FCU, is the Secretary of the association now.

Besides the steering meeting, the association also organizes an Annual Symposium to promote the technical exchange and the scientific information for the academic and industrial sectors in the fields of the bio-Hydrogen processes and productions among the neighboring Asian countries.

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